Medicinal properties of Black berry



Medicinal properties of Black berry ~

Black berry or Black plum is always appreciated for the color, flavor and taste of its fruit. When sucked, it changes the color of the tongue to purple due to its coloring properties.

1. The extracts of the bark, seeds and leaves are used for the treatment of diabetes.

2. The leaves have antibacterial properties and used for strenghthening teeths and gums.

3. Oral administration of dried alcohalic extracts of the seeds to diabetic patients was found to reduce the level of blood sugar and glycosuria in trials conducted at CDRI, Lucknow India.

4. The bark of black berry tree is astringent, digestive, diuretic, anthelmintic and is considered useful for throat problems

5. A decoction of the bark and powdered seeds is believed to be very usefil in the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery and dyspepsia

6. The antibiotic activity of black berry extract has been widely studied and found useful against a number of microbial agents.

7.The fruit is also considered to be stomachic, carminative, antiscorbutic and diuretic.

8. Vinegar made from black berry fruit is administered in cases of enlargement of spleen, chronic diarrhoea and urine retention

9. For ringworm treatment, water diluted juice is used as lotion

10. A decoction of bark is used in cases of asthma and bronchitis and are gargled or used as mouthwash for the astringent effect on mouth ulcerations, spongy gums, and stomatitis.

Nutritional properties

It is a fairly good source of mineral salts (calcium = 15 mg; potassium = 55 mg; magnesium = 35 mg; phosphorus = 15 mg; sodium = 26.2 mg/100 g fruit) and vitamin C (18 mg/100 g of fruit).
It provides 62 Kcal energy per 100 g of edible fruit
It contains fairly good amount of carotene (48 ug/100 g), folic acid (3 mg/100 g)



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