How to Format USB Flash using MS-DOS


Hey Friends today we will see how to format usb flash drive using MS-DOS.manny times we need to format our usb drives, people find it difficult so today reading this article you will be able to format you usb very easily,lets see the steps.

1) Click Start > Run… and type cmd in the box then Click OK

2) The command prompt window appears.

3) Type the following command:

format X:

Note: Replace “X:” with the letter of your USB Flash Drive.
You can use “diskpart” to list all drive letters.

4) If you want to format it as FAT32 then type:

format X: /FS:FAT32

5) After typing one of the above commands, press Enter

6) When it asks for pressing Enter again, just press it to confirm.

7) It will prompt you to enter a name for the drive, write it and hit Enter

So by reading this article i hope you will be now easily able to format your USB flash dirve.
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Thank you  🙂

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