This is How Some Places Looked 100 Years Ago


Well, it is very true that time changes everything. Today, we look at what time has changed in nearly 100 years. In older days too, postal cards were a really good source to see pictures of various places. We have used these postal cards as references and see what changes have some places gone through. We bring to you 5 such places, in this post!

Tremont St. Mall

This view is from Tremont Street Mall. The upper picture shows the place as it was nearly 100 years ago. Surely, things have changed quite a lot; the Tremont Street is not as straight as it was in those days!

Tremont St. Mall-thenandnow

Lodz Town Hall

The picture showcases the Lodz Town Hall entrance. The building was built in 1827! Towards the left is the view that was captured possibly around First World War. Not much has changed, as we can see, except for the work is finer with bricks and cement now!



A lot has changed, surely, according to this postal photograph, in Wenduine. The postal photograph dates back to 1907. Below is the one that was clicked almost 100 years after that! You can see the differences, clearly!


Sandy Park Road, Brislington

The top photograph dates back to 1901. Now, if it for calculating changes in 100 years, we could not spot many significant ones in this case! What do you say?


Corn Street

The top picture is from 1904. Well, the building covering the major portion of the photograph has not undergone many changes in more than 100 years!


It always feels good when you see your older photographs, but it surely feels great when you travel back 100 years in time!


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