Twenty Funny Condom Slogans




  • Cover your stump before you hump

  • Don’t be silly, protect your willy

  • If you think she’s spunky, cover your monkey

  • If you go into the heat, package your meat

  • Don’t make a mistake, cover your snake

  • No glove, no love

  • Cloak the joker before you poker

  • Don’t be a fool, cover your tool

  • Stop the stream, before you cream

  • Protect that fish, then dip it in the dish

  • Plug your funnel then enter the tunnel

  • Bad the mole then do her hole

  • Pack it in plastic, it’ll be fantastic

  • Wrap your meat before you beat

  • Wrap it before you slap it.

  • Armor the tank before you enter the flank

  • Leash your pet before launching your jet

  • No shirt, no flirt!

  • Dress him up before you mess her up


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