You Won’t Believe These S*X Traditions




Séxual intercourse can be regarded as one of the most curious part of life.

While some people attach spirituality to the act, others have some very interesting rules for when and how to have séx.

Check out some of the most shocking séxual practices around the world:

1. Adolescénts allowed to have séx

In Polynesia, adolescents of are instructed in séxual techniques by an older experienced person, and during this period, it is permissible to have numerous séxual liaísons before settling down. Special “pléasure houses” are built to provide young people with their own place to socialize and have intercourse.

2. Premarital séx allowed after parents approval

The inhabitants of Tonga (South Pacific) allow premarital intercourse with permission of the girl’s parents and the provision that conception won’t occur. If pregnancy occurs, the offending couple must walk around the village unclad for several days and apply a magic potion to the fence surrounding the community to prevent disease from infecting people.

3. Six-year-old girls allowed to have séx

In Trobrianders tribe, Papua New Guinea, girls begin to have séx at the age of 6-8 and boys at the age of 10-12. However, having a meal together before marriage is forbidden.

4. Widow inheritance

When a family man dies in the Lou community, in Kenya, there is something called a widow inheritance. This is when a widow must sleep with another man to cleanse the death of her husband and bring ritual renewal and regeneration.

5. Intimate cutting rituals to achieve manhood

The first portion of this Mardudjara Aboriginal rite in Australia, involves a barbaric circumcision. After he heals up, the male’s séx organ is cut lengthwise on the underside. Blood is then dripped over a fire in order to purify it.

6. Unnatural séx abstinence in Romania

Decent and upright women in Romania do not perform unnatural séx other than the classic missionary positions. Even if they wanted to, their lovers probably wouldn’t let them as it is believed it is something that only prostitutes do.

7. Boys to stay away from girls for 10 years:

To become a man, boys from Sambia tribe in New Guinea are removed from all the females at the age of seven for 10 years. Among other traditions, they are required to ingest the semen of their elders.

8. Temporary Marriage:

In certain Muslim countries, a young couple who would like to have séx before they’re ready to marry can request a “temporary marriage”. They are allowed to pay for a short ceremony, with a written contract.

9. Egypt strange séxual practices:

The ancient Egyptians were so inspired by the act of self-stimulation that at the festival of the god Min, who represented Pharaoh’s séxual potency, men seeking pleasure in public.

10. Polyandrous Society:

In Nepal, When families have more than one son, they simply marry all of their sons to one wife.

11. Pon:

In Indonesia, they celebrate a holiday called Pon. To receive such blessings, participants must spend the night with someone other than their husband or wife.

12: Séx Haven

In Cambodia, the Kreung people encourage the séxual independence of their daughters by building separate huts for them to sleep in.

13. Séx with donkey:

In Northern Colombia, it is common practice for adolescent boys to have séx with donkeys. It is like a rite of passage that a boy has to pass to become a man.

14. Paid to break vírginity:

In Guam, there’s a full time job for a man to break the woman’s vírginity, and they’ve paid to do that, because in guam law’s a virgín woman isn’t allowed to get married.

15. Making love to animals:

In Lebanon, people are allowed to make love with a female animal, if one is caught having séx with a male animal, he will be punished to death.

Which one do you consider the craziest? Do you know any more weird séxual practices that is not listed above. Share your views in the comments section below.


Remove Your Gel Manicure in Only 10 Minutes



Gel-color manicure is very popular lately , but it’s hard for removing.

I will  give you some tips how to remove gel manicure at home.  And it ‘s very easy!

You need acetone, cotton balls and pieces of foil. Use a coarse nail file to scratch the surface. You have to break trough  that coat to get to the polish below .

Take a cotton ball and soak at in acetone .  Place the cotton ball on top of your finger and wrap your nail with foil.

Keep your nail warped  for ten minutes. Most all of the nail polish should be off. What is not removed just push it off with a orange stick.


Old Inventions You Wont Believe Happened


#1 This Handy Face Protector

These aren’t for cosplaying Spy vs. Spy. And although they look ideal for maintaining a healthy anti-social distance, they’re not for that either. They’re actually face masks to protect your face from the ravages of snow storms. When those razor sharp flakes come hurtling through the air at gale-force speeds, your delicate skin will be protected.

#2 These Reading Glasses

These reading glasses were invented in England in 1936. Was reading in bed a lot harder back then? Was sleeping on your side illegal? Maybe an inter-war pillow shortage made propping yourself up impossible. Whatever the reason, we’re sure these were totally necessary.

#3 This Piano

Well this is specific. It’s a piano made specifically for the bedridden. Is there a specific type of being bedridden that precludes you from being propped up in front of a regular piano? Yes? Well that small subsection of humanity must be really happy.

#4 The Extensible Caravan

Camping in close quarters is the pits. Why not give your next camping trip a little more room with the extensible caravan? We’re sure it’s much easier to drive than it looks. Spending your vacation stuck on the side of the road is sort of like spending it in the woods, right?

#5 The Radio Hat

The “radio hat” was invented in 1931 by an American inventor. It was the world’s first boom box and it sold like gangbusters. Unfortunately, almost everyone who bought one was physically assaulted by their roommates or while riding public transportation. Coincidentally, 1931 was also the year that the word “douchenozzle” was invented. We’re not sure if any of that is true.

#6 Wooden Bathing Suits

These are wooden bathing suits. The principle underlying them is pretty sound. Wood does float and floating does make swimming easier. Unfortunately every decision after that was all wrong turns and crotch splinters.

#7 Radio Stroller

This elaborate contraption is called a “radio stroller”. It was invented in 1921 for busy moms. The patent says it’s designed to keep the baby calm and quiet. But it looks more like it’s designed to drown the baby so it just sounds like he’s quiet.

#8 A New Type of Motorcycle

This one-wheeled motorcycle was invented in Germany in 1925. It’s inventor was looking for a way to make motorcycles more difficult to ride and more dangerous. Despite it’s improvements on the original, the one-wheeled motorcycle never took off. We guess the world just wasn’t ready.

Maple Syrup


Here’s an easy DIY recipe for (faux) maple syrup.

You’ll Need:
1 c. Water
1/2 c. Sugar
1 c. brown sugar
1/8 tsp cornstarch
1 Tbs Maple Extract

In a saucepan combine the sugars and cornstarch, stirring to mix, add 1 cup of COLD water, stirring to dissolve the sugars. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

Cook, stirring occasionally until the syrup reaches the thickness you prefer. Add the Maple Extract, stirring again to incorporate, reduce heat and simmer 2 minutes.

Remove from heat and bottle. If you prefer butter enhanced Maple syrup, add 2 tbs of butter with the maple extract.

All leftover syrup should be refrigerated and used within 60 days.

Try to avoid over-stirring the syrup as it boils as this causes the sugars to crystallize.

Deodorant Bar Recipe


homemade deodorant bar recipe Deodorant Bar Recipe

Since we’ve been on the topic of homemade lotion bars the past couple of weeks, I figured I’d share the recipe for homemade deodorant bars (or homemade deodorant sticks!).

This is similar to homemade sunscreen bars but without the zinc oxide for sun protection and with baking soda and arrowroot added in. These are slightly thicker than my original homemade deodorant recipe, which allows them to be used as a bar, or put into an old deodorant container.

Since the homemade lotion barssunscreen bars, and deodorant bars all use many of the same ingredients, you can order these in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs or find them locally and save a lot of money on your family’s personal care products.

I also love Frugally Sustainable’s idea of adding probiotics to the recipe to help balance good bacteria and prevent odor, and I tried it with this recipe. If you have very sensitive skin or really struggle with odor, this might be a great option for you also!

Try making your own deodorant if you haven’t already… you’ll not only save money and avoid chemicals, but I’ve found the homemade versions work better too!

The Ingredients:

This recipe can be adjusted to make any quantity that you’d like by increasing the amount of ingredients used. This batch made enough deodorant for my husband and I for about 2-3 months. You could also cut the recipe in half if you want to make a smaller amount.

How to Make:

Combine coconut oil, shea (or other) butter, and beeswax in a double boiler, or a glass bowl over a smaller saucepan with 1 inch of water in it. UPDATE: Combine in a quart size glass mason jar with a lid instead and place this in a small saucepan of water until melted. This will save your bowl and you can just designate this jar for these type of projects and not even need to wash it out…

Turn the burner on and bring water to a boil. Stir ingredients constantly until they are melted and smooth:

Remove from heat and add the vitamin E oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, probiotics, and essential oils. Make sure the mixture is not hot to the touch (warm is ok) so that the heat doesn’t kill the probiotics.

Gently stir by hand until all ingredients are incorporated.

If you will be making these into bars, pour into muffin tins or other molds while still liquid. If you will be putting into an old deodorant container to use like stick deodorant, let the mixture harden for about 15-20 minutes at room temperature to harden and when it is about the consistency of peanut butter, use a spoon to scoop into the deodorant tube and pack down to fill. Then, leave the cap off overnight to completely harden before using.


Many Ways You Can Do Cat Eye With Twists



Cat eyes are so totally in – everywhere you look, on the telly, on the high streets, everyone’s sporting a bit of a cat eye look – and we think it’s absolutely great! Buuuut….. We also think there is more to the cat eye than the classical cat eye look so we’ve aggregated a bunch of images together to show the many ways you can get the twists down. Please share your photos with us! We recommend a little black dress and a nice layered scarf to go with these beautiful eyes!

How to fold a fitted sheet


Every now and then we come across a household chore that can be a real pain to complete. Think of a cleaning task that you absolutely detest and could definitely live without ever having to do again. That’s how we used to feel about folding fitted sheets, that is until we found a few simple steps that help make this dreaded task a breeze.

We wanted to share out new-found wisdom with you, so here’s a step-by-step guide that is guaranteed to take the pain out of all your sheet folding endeavors.

Step 1: Stand up tall and take a corner of the sheet in each hand and hold your arms out wide. Make sure to hold the corners of the shorter edge of the sheet. Turn the sheet inside out and then place each hand under the two corners.

Step 2: Take one of the corners of the sheet, bring it to meet your other hand and then fold it over the adjacent corner. Next pick up the third corner that is hanging in front and fold that over the corners you are already holding. The part of the sheet that is facing you should be inside out.

Step 3: Take the last corner that is hanging down and completely envelope all the other corners of the sheet.

Step 4: Lay the fitted sheet on a flat surface. You’ll want to straighten the sheet out as best as you can, and remember to keep those corners folded nicely into each other.

Step 5: Fold the right and left edge of the sheet to hide the fitted corners.



Step 6: Fold the top and the bottom of the sheet in until it’s a nice little rectangle.

Step 7: Now stand back and admire your work. You’ve just completed a task that many of us thought impossible; your fitted sheet is now folded as if it were a regular non-fitted variety. By following these instructions and using the nifty pics included as guides you’ll soon be folding fitted sheets like a pro!