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Tarnished Copper Nails Tutorial


Have you seen the old copper statues and monuments, which went green, because of the weather conditions? Have you ever thought of a nail design in such style? If it seems impossible to you, I can assure you there is a way. All you need is proper nail polish colours a piece of sponge and a small dessert spoon. So, let`s start.

Find a copper-coloured nail polish (Old Park Lane used in this tutorial) and a variety of minty green and blue shades.

Paint the back of the spoon with the “copper”. Use the sponge to apply the other shades over the spoon (as shown on the picture). Use a slightly wet sponge to do so.

Take a different wet sponge to apply the mixture on the nails with gentle taps. Add as many layers as necessary. When you are done, use a top coat with a matte effect for best results.

Don`t forget to take a picture with a statue, while wearing this nail design – it will be quite fun!

fashion nail


Cut-Crease pictorial with the Naked 2 Palette


Thousands of songs have been sung about the deep, beautiful eyes. Here is one more make up technique, which will help you make your eyes even more beautiful than they are … and who knows the next song could be dedicated to you. So follow the steps:

1. Apply eye shadow primer, using your finger on your eyelids and the area below the eyebrows. Then use a black pencil to draw a line along the crease of your eyes.

2.Use a brush(219) to apply “Blackout”  eye shadow along the line you draw in step 1. Use the same brush to apply “Busted” above and overlapping the previous one.

3. Take care of the brow bone by using brush 239 and “Bootycall”

4.Apply “Chopper” to the lids, using the same brush. Follow the base of the cut-crease line for best results.

5. Brush 210 will help you with the eyeliner. Start from the inner corner of your eye.

6. Brush 239 is your friend when it comes to applying “Bootycall” to your eyes` inner corners. This will “open” your eyes and give you an awesome look.

7.Time to get back to “Blackout”, but this time brush 266 should be used. Sharpen the cut-crease line as shown on the picture

8. At this stage it might look slightly unfinished, so it is time to blend it, using brush 217. Apply “Tease” between “Bootycall” and “Busted”. If you need more blending, you can use brush 244.


Now, the only thing you need to do is to either glue your long lashes and apply mascara or simply rely on your natural ones… and apply mascara.


Eye Color Explained



What most people know
about the inheritance of
eye color is that brown

comes from a dominant
gene (needing one copy
only) and blue from a
recessive gene (needing
two copies). University of
Queensland geneticist Rick
Sturm suggests that the
genetics are not so clear.
“There is no single gene
for eye color,” he says,
“but the biggest effect is
the OCA2 gene.” This gene,
which controls the amount
of melanin pigment
produced, accounts for
about 74 percent of the
total variation in people’s
eye color.