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Best Way To Apply Concealer




If you hate the dark circles under your eyes, as they give the tired look and…older. For that reason I think that the concealer is a wonderful invention. Many girls do not know how to use it properly though – I noticed most of them are applying three  or four little dots under the eye lid, which they later mix together. It is good, but sometimes the substance itself gets into the little wrinkles and it seems ugly. I prefer the triangle way of applying, which allows better and smoother coverage. You can try this tomorrow morning and you will certainly not regret it.

Beauty makes up dependent on certain products such as the concealer and the foundations. We know that we should use only quality cosmetics, but remember that even the greatest quality one will not enable you with best results if you do not apply it properly.

How To Bleach Your Eyebrows



It is very important to take into account your face`s shape, when tweezing or threading your eyebrows. However sometimes this is not enough and you may feel the colour needs to be changed too, in order to suit your whole outfit. In this case continue reading and learn how to bleach your eyebrows.

Clean and groom your eyebrows, before starting the actual bleaching. Then apply some vaseline around the eyebrows, to protect the skin

Buy a bleach suitable for eyebrows and follow the directions on how to blend all the products included. Comb your clean brows. Then use a spoolie to apply the bleach evenly. Make sure the hairs are coated on all angles. When they are covered leave them for a few minutes – how many depends on the bleach and your own preferences. Most of the time 10 minutes approximately is fine if you want to change the colour.

Carefully remove the bleach from your eyebrows. Let them dry and apply purple shampoo, using a Q-tip. Allows the shampoo 10minutes and clean it. Now your brows should have a more natural look.

As you can see there is a difference between picture 1 and picture 8, but it still looks good.

How to Make Newspaper Effect Over Nails



The newspaper effect on nails is quite popular, as it is unusual, but very nice. Thankfully, it is not difficult to do it – all you need is nail polish (not very dark shade), newspaper and warm water.

Paint your nails and let the nail polish dry. Then cut a few newspaper strips and dunk your finger into the warm water. Wrap the wet nail with a piece of newspaper and make it extra wet if necessary. Use a napkin to press the paper onto the nail and stay like that for about 5 minutes. Carefully remove the newspaper and you will see the letters on your nails. Add a top coat and you are done.

We think this nail design is quite interesting and enjoyable to do, so definitely take your time to try it. At least, when you are bored, you can always read “the nails’.



Rainbow Eye Liner Tutorial


 Are you tired of the black eye lines you wear every day? Cut the limits and go “rainbow”. This tutorial will teach you how to get one at home.

You will need:

  • Eye shadow primer
  • Neutral brown eye shadow
  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple eye shadows
  • Angle liner brush
  • Black liquid liner
  • White pencil liner
  • False lashes, if necessary

1. Apply the eye shadow primer

2. Apply a very thin black line on the upper eye lid

3. Start doing the “rainbow” make up. Follow the sequence, starting from the inner corner – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple

4.Use an angle brush to apply the eye shadows and when you are ready carefully blend them together to get a gradient impact

5. Use the white liner on your water line and if you want a glamorous finish, put the false lashes on and apply a mascara.

What a great and colourful way to start the day, right?


Dotted Nail Design


All you need is black, white and grey nail polish and dotting tool(or a very thin brush). As you can see it is not difficult at all. Paint your index finger in black, your middle finger in gray and your ring finger in white. Of course any other variations will be great too.

Use the dotting tool to draw the dots. White nail goes with black dots, grey and black nail go with white dots. Start drawing the dots from the top to the bottom and the lower you go, the less the dots should be.

Personally, I am ready to stop with Step 2 on the picture as it looks great, so it depends on you whether the whole nail will be dotted or not. In every case this nail design is stylish and looks great, so you will not regret doing it. what is more – it is super easy.

Don`t forget the top coat when you are done with the design itself.


The Art of Contouring


It is true that makeup can hide our imperfections and highlight advantages, that`s why it is important to know how to properly apply it. Remember that a makeup, which is not suitable for you is worse than going without any makeup at all, as it makes you look ridiculous. In this tutorial you can see how an ordinary-looking girl turns into a fashion icon, simply by applying the foundation the right way.

First of all the form of your face is very important, in order to make yourself aware which parts should be highlighted and how to do it. In this case, the girl chose to highlight her cheekbones and her chin and in addition she has managed to visually change the form of her nose.

The ideal makeup is usually a mixture of a few foundations, primers and powders, so make sure to choose them carefully. In addition, don`t underestimate brushes – they are a vital part, too.


Faux Bob Hair Tutorial



This tutorial will show you how to achieve a completely new look. It is ideal for both – a daily walk or a formal event. Simply follow the steps below.

1. Section your hair and pin the upper one on the top of the head.

2. Start braiding the bottom section

3. Put the braid next to the opposite ear

4. Pin it securely with a bobby pin.

5. Time to work with the top section – tease it to create volume and shape it, so that it covers the braid.

6. Comb the hair to make it smooth

7. Make a small ponytail with what`s left

8. The hair from both sides is long enough to cover the ears.

9.Fit the ponytail underneath as shown on the picture . Put a bobby in through the ponytail braid and pin it to the braid for greater security.

10. Spray your hair and you are ready to go.