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3 steps to know how to walk in high heels




Heels are women’s best friend, it makes you feel taller, 
reflects your self confidence and makes you look slimmer.
 But walking in high heels is sometimes difficult and bit tricky for 
some girls especially when they are not used to wear them frequently. 
At the beginning you will need some practice and here we bring you three steps to help you to
 be able to walk freely with high heels.

First: Walk slowly, you need to be more careful and walk with small 
and slow steps because small steps will make your walk look
calm and makes you feel more comfort and free, you will be also in the best shape you looked 
for when you thought about wearing such heels.

 Walk from heel to tip toe this will make you walk normally 
as much as you can. Put your talus to the ground followed by your
tip toes smoothly, this will help you to walk  in a straight and normal way.

Progress your posture : if you wanna walk well in high heels 
you have to improve your posture like holding your head in line
with your backbone and chin and avoid looking down towards the floor
keep your shoulders relaxed at both sides ,and imagine imaginary
line during walk and walk upon it.