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There are certain moments when we need change and we want to look different. In such cases the first thing we want to change is our hair style and getting a nice short hair cur seems reasonable. However at a later stage you might regret this decision, so why don`t you follow the steps below and get make your hair look short, without being necessary to cut it.

1. Split the hair into two sections

2. Pin up the top section to avoid mixing them up.

3. Make a ponytail from the bottom section

4. Make a bun out of the ponytail and pin it against your head

5.Take the top section and divide it into small strands

6. Fold them up and pin underneath (make sure the bobby pins are not visible)

7. Use a curling iron to style any loose pieces

8. You are done! Go boast your shocking new hair cut. You can add some  accessories to make it look even better.

Make Short Hair