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You Won’t Believe These S*X Traditions




Séxual intercourse can be regarded as one of the most curious part of life.

While some people attach spirituality to the act, others have some very interesting rules for when and how to have séx.

Check out some of the most shocking séxual practices around the world:

1. Adolescénts allowed to have séx

In Polynesia, adolescents of are instructed in séxual techniques by an older experienced person, and during this period, it is permissible to have numerous séxual liaísons before settling down. Special “pléasure houses” are built to provide young people with their own place to socialize and have intercourse.

2. Premarital séx allowed after parents approval

The inhabitants of Tonga (South Pacific) allow premarital intercourse with permission of the girl’s parents and the provision that conception won’t occur. If pregnancy occurs, the offending couple must walk around the village unclad for several days and apply a magic potion to the fence surrounding the community to prevent disease from infecting people.

3. Six-year-old girls allowed to have séx

In Trobrianders tribe, Papua New Guinea, girls begin to have séx at the age of 6-8 and boys at the age of 10-12. However, having a meal together before marriage is forbidden.

4. Widow inheritance

When a family man dies in the Lou community, in Kenya, there is something called a widow inheritance. This is when a widow must sleep with another man to cleanse the death of her husband and bring ritual renewal and regeneration.

5. Intimate cutting rituals to achieve manhood

The first portion of this Mardudjara Aboriginal rite in Australia, involves a barbaric circumcision. After he heals up, the male’s séx organ is cut lengthwise on the underside. Blood is then dripped over a fire in order to purify it.

6. Unnatural séx abstinence in Romania

Decent and upright women in Romania do not perform unnatural séx other than the classic missionary positions. Even if they wanted to, their lovers probably wouldn’t let them as it is believed it is something that only prostitutes do.

7. Boys to stay away from girls for 10 years:

To become a man, boys from Sambia tribe in New Guinea are removed from all the females at the age of seven for 10 years. Among other traditions, they are required to ingest the semen of their elders.

8. Temporary Marriage:

In certain Muslim countries, a young couple who would like to have séx before they’re ready to marry can request a “temporary marriage”. They are allowed to pay for a short ceremony, with a written contract.

9. Egypt strange séxual practices:

The ancient Egyptians were so inspired by the act of self-stimulation that at the festival of the god Min, who represented Pharaoh’s séxual potency, men seeking pleasure in public.

10. Polyandrous Society:

In Nepal, When families have more than one son, they simply marry all of their sons to one wife.

11. Pon:

In Indonesia, they celebrate a holiday called Pon. To receive such blessings, participants must spend the night with someone other than their husband or wife.

12: Séx Haven

In Cambodia, the Kreung people encourage the séxual independence of their daughters by building separate huts for them to sleep in.

13. Séx with donkey:

In Northern Colombia, it is common practice for adolescent boys to have séx with donkeys. It is like a rite of passage that a boy has to pass to become a man.

14. Paid to break vírginity:

In Guam, there’s a full time job for a man to break the woman’s vírginity, and they’ve paid to do that, because in guam law’s a virgín woman isn’t allowed to get married.

15. Making love to animals:

In Lebanon, people are allowed to make love with a female animal, if one is caught having séx with a male animal, he will be punished to death.

Which one do you consider the craziest? Do you know any more weird séxual practices that is not listed above. Share your views in the comments section below.


Amazing Ghost Towns from around the World by Alex Flux


1. Kowloon Walled City, China

In its final year of existence, Kowloon was a densely populated, nearly lawless city. The town began as a military outpost but became a crowded refugee city after World War II. Neither Britain nor China wanted responsibility for it, so it became its own lawless town. Eventually, Kowloon Walled City was torn down in 1993 after a mutual decision by British and Chinese authorities, who had finally grown wary of the unsanitary and anarchic city with its out-of-control population.


2. Deception Island, Antarctica

Deception Island has one of the safest harbors in Antarctica and is a popular tourist destination. But what makes it a precarious location for permanent habitation is the fact that this island is the caldera of an active volcano. A Norwegian captain began whaling off Deception Island in 1906 and Whalers Bay became a safe anchorage for ships processing whale blubber. The small whaling station remained active until 1969, when a volcanic eruption destroyed much of the facility.


 3. Craco, Italy

Craco was built as a fortress on a rocky peak. However, building the city on a rock began to pose a threat to its existence. Following several earthquakes and landslides, the locals abandoned Craco and people descended to a lower land.

4. Grytviken, South Georgia Island

The isolated settlement of Grytviken, or “The Pot Cove” in English, is located over 1,000 miles east of South America. The settlement was established as a whaling station in the early 20th century. Workers utilized every single component of the hunted whales to forge a highly profitable trade. However, the station was closed in December 1966 due to perilously low whale stocks. Now the settlement serves as a tourist attraction.


5. Oradour-sur-Glane, France

During World War II, 642 residents of this small village in France were massacred by German soldiers as punishment for the French Resistance. The Germans had initially intended to target the nearby village of Oradour-sur-Vayres, but mistakenly invaded Oradour-sur-Glane on June 10th 1944. After the bloody massacre, the village was razed. Its ruins still stand today as a memorial to the dead and a reminder of the horrific events that took place.


6. Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA

The road that once led to Centralia is blocked off, its zip code was revoked and the entire city of Centralia was condemned by the state of Pennsylvania. In 1962, a fire broke out in a landfill near the Odd Fellows cemetery and quickly spread through a hole to the coal mine beneath the city. The fires have been burning ever since. The city has been slowly evacuated over the years, though around 10 residents have chosen to stay.


7.Bodie, California, USA

The gold rush in the 1870s led to the town of Bodie growing to 8,500 people and more than 2,000 buildings. However, by 1881 the mines were depleted and the population started shrinking. A decade later a fire destroyed part of the town, and another fire in 1932 destroyed almost everything left. Today, only a few decaying houses and dusty shops are all what’s left of Bodie.


8. Chaitén, Chile

Even in the modern, industrialized ages, natural disasters are still able to destroy whole communities. The Chaitén Volcano erupted in May 2008 and the entire nearby town of Chaitén was evacuated. However, this was just the beginning of the sad ending of this town’s story. Chaitén became completely uninhabitable after the Blanco River flooded the town as a result of the volcano eruption.

7 Chinguetti, Mauritania

Chinguetti serves as the perfect illustration of how a once frenetic trading centre can regress into a thinly populated ghost town in a few centuries. In the 13th century, Chinguetti was an integral educational site and it was considered by some to be the seventh holiest city in the Islamic world. Today almost the entire city is consumed by the desert and Chinguetti holds a mere specter of its former glory.

6 Humberstone, Chile

Humberstone was once a bustling saltpeter refinery in the desert of northern Chile. Outposts like this town served as factories and home for many Pampino miners, whose efforts to extract nitrates from the largest saltpeter deposit in the world transformed farming in Europe and the Americas. Humberstone was abandoned in 1960.

5 Varosha, Cyprus

The Varosha quarter in Famagusta, Cyprus once played host to hundreds of hotels, houses and businesses catered to visitors and the residents. However, this fabulous area, lined with palm trees, has been fenced off since 1974, following Turkish invasion of Cyprus. None of the residents ever returned to Varosha, and the only people allowed entry into the district are Turkish Armed Forces personnel.

4 Mandu, Madhya Pradesh, India

The ruined city of Mandu is referenced in a Sanskrit inscription dating back to 555 AD. Continuous feuding saw the city change hands between Islamic and Hindu dynasties. Today, intrigued visitors of the ghost city marvel at the amazing Jahaz Mahal, a two-storied former harem for the Sultan which is perched between two man-made lakes.

3 Wittenoom, Australia

In its mining heyday, Wittenoom was home to 20,000 people. The asbestos mining town effectively shut down after the health risks of asbestos became clear in the 1960s. Around 1,000 locals died of asbestos-related illnesses. The remaining residents left, aside from the 8 people who still inhabit the ghost city today.

2 Kayaköy, Fethiye District, Turkey

After the Greco-Turkish War of 1919 – 1922, Kayaköy’s almost exclusively Greek Christian population of 2,000 was sent back to Greece, and the entire town became deserted. Hope remains that people will eventually come back to Kayaköy, with some houses redeveloped for modern occupation. However, the area retains its hauntingly abandoned quality to this day.

1 Plymouth, Montserrat, Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom

In the summer of 1995, the Soufrière Hills Volcano erupted violently, covering the southern region of Montserrat in ash. The former capital and seat of government, Plymouth, was decimated. The settlement is now abandoned and uncompromisingly barren, while the island has lost over half of its population. As Soufrière Hills continues to terrorize the community, it remains to be seen whether the area can ever recover.

Valeriepieris: A Circle Housing Majority Of The World’s Population


How many countries do we know are known for their unity in diversity? May be yours or perhaps mine. Well, keeping unity aside, let’s talk about the overwhelming diversity represented by the circle known as Valeriepieris.

It is located at 106.6 degree East and 26.6 degree North, visible on the Winkel Tripel Projection of the Earth. This conjectural circle is difficult to go unseen because of the amazing  realities associated with it.


The Valeriepieris circle encompasses more than half of the World’s  population within a diameter of just 4100 km. Majority of this circle is constitutes of water.

This circle also includes Mongolia, one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.
Despite the fact that the idea about this simple imaginary circle can easily be recognized and understood even by a child, the implications are not less than Chinese arithmetic.

“Additional things I’ve realized: There are more Muslims in the circle than outside of it. There are more Hindus in the circle than outside of it. There are more Buddhists in the circle than outside of it… The circle pulls all of this off while being mostly water and including the most sparsely populated country on earth (Mongolia).” says Valeriepieris (A very well known Redditor)

The jargons of the daily life- economy and politics are still applicable to Valeripieris circle in the same way as it is to any other country.

Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen resigns, leaves Christian faith



“There is zero evidence the Bible is the holy word of God”

Houston, Texas – – April 2, 2013 – In a shocking and surprising development, megachurch pastor Joel Osteen has announced he is resigning from his post and leaving the Christian faith.

In a statement released on his website (, which appeared stripped down and bare, he said he has been questioning the faith for a long time. “I believe now that the Bible is a fallible, flawed, highly inconsistent history book that has been altered hundreds of times. There is zero evidence the Bible is the holy word of God,” said Osten.

The reaction across the Christian world ranged from shock to grief to anger. “I can’t believe it,” said Jolene McCormack, of Austin, Texas, “he’s the last person I would expect to defect to atheism.”

Some of his parishioners at his Lakewood, Texas area megachurch expressed anger. “We’ve given him so much, and now he’s leaving us?” said Jim Burger, 65, a ten-year member of the church. “We won’t stand for it.”

In recent months, Osteen had demonstrated a willingness to deviate from Christian doctrine, often peppering his sermons with “New Age” references and at one point calling himself “God”.

The incident occurred in February and created a local uproar. Halfway through his morning Sunday service he dropped to his knees and began crying, and then announced, “I am God! I am just as much a God as our Lord is!” The 10,000 members in attendance appeared stunned. Osteen later released an apology, and blamed the outburst on a lack of sleep due to his busy travel schedule.

With Osten’s departure, the church is left with a gaping hole in its leadership. Mack Holdings III, the associate head pastor, will take over in operation and sermon duties for the time being. A press release prepared by the church claimed Osteen is experiencing a “mental breakdown” and seemed to suggest they are unwilling to accept his resignation. “We won’t put up with this,” a congregation leader said off the record. “This guy’s made millions off of us, we’re not going to let him just take our money. We know his net worth is in upwards of $50 million.”

In the church parking lot on Sunday, a crowd gathered to hold a prayer vigil. “We’ll pray for him. He’s come under the influence of the Devil,” said Margaret Samson, a twelve-year member of the church. “We will go on. But we need him. We can’t do this without him.”

In Some Countries People Eat Balut(egg) fertilized duck embryo.


Balut are duck eggs that have been incubated until the fetus is all feathery and beaky, and then boiled alive. The bones give the eggs a uniquely crunchy texture.They are half-fertilized duck egg, served with a little salt after being boiled.It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines. They are common, everyday food in countries in Southeast Asia, such as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.Balut is eaten in the shell. It’s often served with beer.

In the Philippines, balut eaters prefer salt and/or a chili, garlic and vinegar (white or coconut sap)mixture to season their eggs.also In Philippines, balut have recently entered haute cuisine by being served as appetizers in restaurants, cooked adobo style, fried in omelettes or even used as filling in baked pastries.

There Is A Reward Of $1,000,000 For Anyone Who Can Prove The Existence Of Ghosts.


Ten years ago a strange claim has been made by James Randi, he offered a prize of “one-million-dollar” to anyone who can show any OF paranormal, supernatural, or occult power activity under proper observing conditions.

He made some rules more than what any reasonable scientist would require. Some
of them are


  • If you can bend a spoon you can’t use your own spoons.
  • If you can see some auras, you have to do it in some controlled conditions.
  • If you were going to show something unusual, you would have to this all in
  • front of cameras watching your every move.

For the claim the one should have media recognition first. In January 2008, RANDI announced that the offer of the million dollar prize will cease on March 6, 2010 However, the prize is still being offered.

After collecting the million dollars from Randi, successful psychics might go to India and contact B. Premanand who will pay Rs. 100,000 “to any person or persons who will demonstrate any psychic, supernatural of paranormal ability of any kind under satisfactory observing conditions.” Also, “Prabir Ghosh will pay Rs. 20, 00,000* to anyone who claims to possess supernatural power of any kind in the location
specified by Prabir Ghosh.”

There is a list of many organizations who offered some heavy reward for demonstrating the existence of ghosts. Are they seeking publicity or these things are actually present in between us and are eagerly waiting for the one who will find them.

So the question arises… what if they actually exist? Can they harm us?

This is How Some Places Looked 100 Years Ago


Well, it is very true that time changes everything. Today, we look at what time has changed in nearly 100 years. In older days too, postal cards were a really good source to see pictures of various places. We have used these postal cards as references and see what changes have some places gone through. We bring to you 5 such places, in this post!

Tremont St. Mall

This view is from Tremont Street Mall. The upper picture shows the place as it was nearly 100 years ago. Surely, things have changed quite a lot; the Tremont Street is not as straight as it was in those days!

Tremont St. Mall-thenandnow

Lodz Town Hall

The picture showcases the Lodz Town Hall entrance. The building was built in 1827! Towards the left is the view that was captured possibly around First World War. Not much has changed, as we can see, except for the work is finer with bricks and cement now!



A lot has changed, surely, according to this postal photograph, in Wenduine. The postal photograph dates back to 1907. Below is the one that was clicked almost 100 years after that! You can see the differences, clearly!


Sandy Park Road, Brislington

The top photograph dates back to 1901. Now, if it for calculating changes in 100 years, we could not spot many significant ones in this case! What do you say?


Corn Street

The top picture is from 1904. Well, the building covering the major portion of the photograph has not undergone many changes in more than 100 years!


It always feels good when you see your older photographs, but it surely feels great when you travel back 100 years in time!